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Plant LoveI came across an article the other day that got me thinking. The writer asserted that being an atheist removed the fear of death he had carried from the earliest days of his youth when religious beliefs had been thrust upon him. Knowing now that he was not to be judged in the afterlife because there was no afterlife, and no vengeful god with ulterior motives or meaning, removed a large and annoying monkey off his back. On one hand I can understand his relief, but on the other I am left puzzled. Though I do not believe in the fear, I do believe in a unifying force that bonds everything together.

As an Energy Healer I know that all people, despite gender, age, beliefs or skin colour, are made from the exact same energy. I also know all animals are made from this same energy and their energy fields function much the same way as ours does. (Not surprising, considering humans are animals, after all.) Even houseplants are comprised of the same energy. I know this, thanks to a bamboo plant named Beatrix.

I have been nursing Beatrix back to health for the last few months and I am discovering that she has a strong and unique energy field. Beatrix has taken up residence in my healing room, and a bond is growing between us which is strengthened by the regular meditations I do with her. We have developed a communication link. This link is still rather unstable – I believe the fault lies with me – but I am learning that she has her own awareness, her own consciousness.

Beatrix the bamboo planet shared with me her belief in an inclusive positive force that is responsible for all creation. Previously, she had doubted this fact due to the way we humans were treating her species, not to mention ourselves and the rest of the world. She concluded that she was in a version of hell, something which she had never before considered. The seemingly unlimited cruelty of this world had begun to weigh upon her. Now she remembers that she came here to experience the polarity of this world and, like so many of us, is trying to do her best in a difficult and trying situation.

As our communication concluded, Beatrix shared an image with me. I believe its wisdom is worth sharing:

“May your roots grow deep and your leaves stretch to the Light”.  – Beatrix Potted


Wisdom of the Trees

As the leaves are coming out on the trees, one of the times of the year I love the best, one of those Facebook postings came across my page. Below is the underlined FB posting and the thoughts that came to me while I read them. I hope you enjoy them and even modify them with your own wisdom.

Stand tall and proud

Be proud of who you are, stand up for what you believe in and stand up for others who are unable to stand for, or by, themselves. We really are more intimately connected than we realize. On the quantum level our energies mix and mingle constantly and what is done to one is done to all. In this day and age it is very easy to get caught up in the wide variety of distractions that modern society constantly throws our way. It is even easier to forget who we truly are. We are spirit of Love that manifested into Light that next slowed its vibration down to become matter. We are Love experiencing itself in the world of form. The trappings of society, of the third dimension, of polarity and darkness dissolve when before the truth of the Light.

Sink your roots into the Earth

Mother Earth is alive and well despite our best efforts to the contrary. What we do to Mother Earth is the result of what we are doing to ourselves. When we forget who we are, where we come from and how we are intimately connected to everything, we lose our focus. We become entrapped by the sensuality of being alive. The varied senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing are a smorgasbord of titillating experiences for our nervous system often overloading it without our realizing or, as in the case of today’s world, being allowed the time to realize it. Now and then, stop, root yourself, and be aware.

Be content with your natural beauty

You are a spiritual entity, a soul, having a human experience. Remember this when you are receiving criticism especially when that criticism is coming from within. Remembering who you truly are; how wonderful you truly, are gives you permission to allow your Light to shine and your natural beauty will come through for all to see.

Go out on a limb

Take a chance. Explore something new. Stand up for what you believe in. Life is about learning and experiencing new things. Never stop growing.

Drink plenty of water

Water, nicknamed God’s drink for a reason. Water is essential for our good health on so many levels one could fill books listing the benefits of drinking water. We often mistake our hunger for a sign we need food when more often it is water we need. Next time you are hungry have a tall glass of water and don’t be surprised if your hunger disappears.

Remember your roots

Addendum: remember your soul roots; life will be much more fulfilling, rewarding and satisfying (not to mention easier) when you remember who you truly are.

Enjoy the view

Pay attention to what is going on around you. These moments will never come again so enjoy the good times, learn from the not so good moments, take the time to be present and see what is happening each day. Enjoy your life’s view.


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