Purification by Fire: Karma Cleansing

By Kim Hutchinson

Burst around the Corner
NASA Goddard Photo and Video / Foter.com / CC BY

If you have been going through intense trials this month, you are not alone. Cosmic and planetary energies have been intensely fiery. Last week the sun released a powerful X-class solar flare. This set off solar and geomagnetic storms, and caused many of us to undergo an emotional firestorm.

I received many requests for help last week from friends, colleagues and clients who were overwhelmed, stressed and frightened. Many told me they were at the end of their rope. Some even said they felt like dying. Here are the symptoms they reported to me:

- Dizziness, Vertigo
- Ringing in the Ears
- Headaches, Migraines
- Hyperactivity
- Anxiety, Fear
- Anger
- Depression
- Desperation, Hopelessness
- Wanting to Go Home

Karma Clearing

Even though these symptoms caused intense discomfort for some, they served a higher purpose. This intense fiery energy was sent by Father Sun to help us purify.

The phrase ‘purification by fire’ is one which I’ve heard many times this past year while facilitating healings. I came to notice that the people who were being purified by fire were the ones with the most karma to release, and who were preparing for ascension.

The burning up of karma enables ascension in the same way as jettisoning sandbags allows a hot air balloon to rise. You must lighten your load in order to raise your consciousness. Hanging onto old wounds, fears and resentments only serves to keeps one tethered to polarity consciousness and the Wheel of Karma.

Anyone who feels ready to experience unity consciousness has to first break the karmic cycle. In order to do so, you must truly forgive the past. Without forgiveness, you will continue to repeat old patterns. Forgiveness of everyone who has ever hurt you, including yourself, is your final ‘exam’.

In order to help you with this process, your cosmic father, the Sun, periodically sends energy to the Earth to help you burn up your fears, which are at the root of your unwillingness to forgive the past. This is known as Purification by Fire.


With increasing frequency, during healings I have witnessed clients spontaneously firing up their MerKaBa (the spirit lightbody). It is no coincidence that this ascension vehicle has the same sacred geometric form as the element of fire.

This past week’s events, therefore, hit old souls hardest. If you have been feeling the effects of the solar activity more intensely than others, take heart; you are very close to passing your final Earth exam. Graduation to unity consciousness awaits you!

Time out

By Steve Clayton

‘Time out of joint’, states Hamlet and for once I know what he means.  For the past few months I have been out of sorts, back in sorts and out of sorts again, on a regular basis; with memories that do not seem to jibe with the world around me. Kim, lucky girl, has been caught up in my confusion and, luckily for me has not run in the other direction or had me committed. I have been worried I was losing my mind or had had some sort of mini-stroke that has altered my perception of reality. I worried about how I would even know if something like that had happened. Luckily that thought triggered a memory of a conversation I had had with my family doctor (who was Holistic before his time) over fifteen years ago. My mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I was suddenly worried about my own memory ‘lapses’ and was Alzheimer’s genetic? Dr. P simply replied that the fact I was aware of memory ‘lapses’ was a sure sign I did not have Alzheimer’s for if I did I would not be aware of any discrepancies. The same applies today, so no worries mate!

Moontribe-Party -  Gathering of the Tribes - 2001 *
Sterneck / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Perhaps but I was still curious as to what was going on? Kim and I discussed what was happen with energy shifts, Mother Earth, Ascension into Unity Consciousness and the return of the Divine Feminine. Kim in a conversation with Mother God/Mother Earth was told this time is especially hard on men as the ‘power’ was shifting away from them and going to women as 2500 years of male domination was coming to an end; something the male ego was not totally on board with. (I know this, I told myself). The more a man is in his heart rather than his head the easier this transition is for him. (I know that as well, I told myself for I am in my heart).Yet I was still ‘out of joint.’

Now anyone who knows me or has had a healing session with me knows I am a strong advocate of grounding to Mother Earth; I do so on a daily basis. Doing so early this morning Mother Earth pushed her way passed my ego (I was to discover that although I was grounding myself to Mother’s energy I was not opening myself up to her wisdom and messages) to tell me I had become ‘lazy’ (‘no judgment’ she stressed). I was allowing Kim to do all the work, get the vast majority of messages for us, all under the guise of allowing women to own their power. Mother Earth pointed out that I was giving away my own power willingly. She reminded me that this return of the Divine Feminine was not a return to polarity consciousness but rather signaled that the movement towards Unity Consciousness had begun. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine were stronger when they worked together rather than when they worked as adversaries. Yes, this could be a difficult time for men as their hearts wanted them in one time/dimension/ world (i.e., unity) while their heads still yearned for polarity and the status quo. Hence as I unknowingly bounced between unity and polarity whole conversations and interactions with Kim and the world were not in sync. We were arguing more, my fault, I was edgy, my fault, I was critical, again my fault, as all the while on the periphery of my consciousness I could hear both Mother Earth and my Higher Self trying to awaken me to what was happening with me; I chose not to hear or see.

Early this morning chose to hear, to see, and I feel much better for it. Kim commented on how I seemed much happier this morning. I am much happier.  So, guys, if you are going through this or something similar at this time and driving both yourself and the women in your life crazy remember it is not terminal and there really is a Light at the end of the tunnel and that Light is all of us.

Proof of Ascension

At 37:11 minutes, Drunvalo Melchizedek provides exciting proof that the ascension process has begun. We are beginning to clean up our world and fix the damage we’ve done to Mother Earth!

Q&A with Drunvalo Melchizedek: Episode 7 http://theschoolofremembering.net – YouTube

Ascension Symptoms and Geomagnetic Fluctuations

by Kim Hutchinson

Are you feeling out of sorts? If you’re like us, our family and clients, then the past few days have left you feeling discombobulated. I chalk these symptoms up to yet another ascension shift; after all, ascension is a progress, and so we go through it in stages.

kevin dooley / Foter.com / CC BY

Recent Symptoms

  • Wooziness (Dizziness, Feeling Lightheaded, Sensation of Flying) - I’ve felt dizzy for several days, off and on, but today Steve and I felt like we were spinning this morning. He likened it to being on a roller-coaster whereas I felt like I was on a Tilt-a-Whirl. At one point, we were both pinned to the backs of our chairs by the sensation of G-forces.
  • Seeing Auras – I was able to clearly view Steve’s aura this morning and when he moved, I saw a stream of colours trailing behind him.
  • Digestive Problems (Nausea, Upset Stomach, Lack of Appetite, Diarrhea) - The nausea is no doubt related to the dizziness, although I haven’t found it too off-putting. Other people tell me that they can’t eat. This also applies to our dog.
  • Dark Night of the Soul (Anxiety, Fear, Old Issues Surfacing, Ego Death) - Several people have reported to me that they feel awful; so awful, in fact, that it feels like they’re dying. They’ve gone into a dark, dark place, and their family members and friends are deeply concerned about their welfare. Others tell me they’re so sick of feeling bad and being stuck in a 3-D paradigm that leaving here would be a welcome respite. Most are experiencing the phenomena known as ego death. This is when the ego feels like it is dying. The sensation fills a person with fear and anxiety. The ego will also cause problems such as relationship conflicts.
  • Strong Desire to Ascend/ Go Home – After not thinking about ascension for several months, it suddenly popped back into my consciousness in a big way. I started reading and dreaming about the topic again. Clients, too, have been contacting me regarding the ascension. Many are asking for guidance and reassurance. All tell me they are ready to ascend right now, and are anxious to graduate.


I had a chat with Mother Earth and she told me that the recent spate of ascension symptoms comes from geomagnetic fluctuations. I had initially asked about our dog Tux as we were concerned about his lack of appetite and diarrhea. After I received this message, I logged onto Facebook and was immediately greeted by a post about dogs aligning with the magnetic field when they defecate. I knew that this was confirmation of the message that Mother Earth has given me.

It isn’t just dogs who are sensitive to the geomagnetic fluctuations (GMF). Human health is also affected. I researched the topic and here are the ways in which our bodies are affected by GMF activity:

1. Melatonin synthesis disruption
2. Suicide
3. Depression and other mental disorders
4. Heart rate/disease and blood pressure
5. Light sensitivity

SOURCE: http://www.electric-fields.bris.ac.uk/geomagneticfields.pdf

These symptoms certainly align with the ascension symptoms I mentioned above. This is not to say that the GMFs are not connected to the ascension process; they most definitely are. Nothing that happens is a coincidence. The fact that we are experiencing GMFs now is part of the ongoing ascension process.

Stay Calm

The key here is to not panic. Mother Earth knew that this was going to occur, so a week ago she cautioned me not to give into the fear and anxiety that was sure to follow. The symptoms will pass. Don’t make any detrimental decisions during this time. Just breathe through it, meditate, and treat yourself with kindness. The key is to stay in your heart. If you don’t know how, here’s a guided meditation to help you connect with the scared space of your heart:


Peace, Light and Love to you all!

The Third Wave Awakens a ReLOVEution

By Kim Hutchinson


Big Changes

Two months ago, I received a message from my angelic guides. They told me, “The time for playing it safe and cloaking yourself is over. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Go big!” Well, they weren’t kidding! Big, BIG changes are happening now.

As if to validate the angels’ message, I had a second UFO sighting a couple weeks ago. You can read about it in my last blog: http://clayhuthealingcentre.ca/wordpress/2013/10/kim-9/

Solar Flares

The Sun has been very active this past week, emitting significant solar flares which peaked on October 27th and 28th. As you might imagine, solar flares have a fiery effect on us. Depending on your level of sensitivity, you may experience anxiety, irritability, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes, headaches, short-term memory loss and exhaustion. On the positive side, these electromagnetic solar storms increase our creative drive, and the light from the Sun contains information that accelerates our spiritual awakening. 

The Third Wave Awakens

People who previously believed in, and staunchly defended, the 3-D paradigm are now expanding their field of awareness to encompass a wider spectrum of information. The group that is now rapidly and dramatically shifting represents the third and final wave of awakening.

-     First Wave: These are the spiritual pioneers (teachers, healers, explorers and guides) who helped anchor the higher frequencies here on Earth. They broke new ground and paved the way for the Second Wave. 

-     Second Wave: This is, by far, the biggest group, and its composition is primarily female. Their awakening peaked this past year, and the process of remembering happened very quickly, thanks to the abundance of information and guidance provided by the First Wavers.

-     Third Wave: The third and final group is predominantly male. These are the anchors who are helping to maintain a stable foundation while the others two groups stretch into the higher dimensions. The Third Wave’s awakening is very exciting as this indicates the nearing of the end of the awakening process.

Talking about a ReLOVEution 

A wonderful example of the third wave awakening is English comedian and actor Russell Brand. In a recent interview with Jeremy Paxman of the BBC’s Newsnight, Brand called for a revolution to overhaul our political system which has created a “disenfranchised, disillusioned underclass”. Brand went on to say, “I don’t get my authority from this pre-existing paradigm which is quite narrow and only serves a few people”. His call for a change in consciousness resonated deeply with many. If you missed the interview, you can watch online: http://youtu.be/3YR4CseY9pk

Another powerful spiritual icon who speaks of a consciousness-shifting revolution is Andrew Bartzis, known as the Galactic Historian. Andrew’s reading of the Akashic Records shows that the coming paradigm shift will be preceded by mass, worldwide protests. From my perspective, this makes sense. The birth of unity consciousness on this planet won’t come from complacency. We must unplug from the Matrix by rejecting the current status quo while at the same time holding the love and joy of the new consciousness in our hearts. This is indeed a re-LOVE-ution. If you’re not familiar with Andrew, check out his richly informative and fascinating video series on Galactic History: http://www.sovereignmedia.net/galactichistory.html 

Break Free of the Corporate Media Agenda

This past week, I’ve had several vivid dreams about the collapse of the global systems. In the dreams, the police and military were trying to herd people into public buildings “for their safety”. There is a great deal of fear around the idea of a societal collapse, which is what I picking up on at night in my dreams. The media, especially in Hollywood, has done a stellar job of highlighting worst-case scenarios. Just look at the number of post-apocalyptic disaster movies. The Powers That Be (or is that Were?) are doing their best to keep us subservient through fear and heavy-handed tactics. This is why it is vitality important not to get embroiled in the fear-inducing misdirection that you see in the media. 

In 1967, Timothy Leary invited Hippies to “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. This counterculture phrase encouraged cultural changes through the use of psychedelics and by detaching themselves from the existing conventions and hierarchies in society. You don’t need drugs to achieve detachment from the current corporate agenda. You just need to tune out their broadcasts. Here are a few suggestions:

-     TV: For years I felt anxious while watching TV. I didn’t realize at the time where the negativity originated. Recently, we made the happy choice to cancel our TV/Satellite subscription. We now only watch Netflix. This allows us to control our media input, while eliminating the negative effects of advertising, news bulletins, and the fear-based energy that flows in with the TV broadcast signal.

-     News: Several years ago, also we cancelled our newspaper subscription. It’s amazing how little we miss it. We choose now to receive our news via the internet. Even then, we’re selective about the news sources (i.e. avoiding mainstream media sites). No matter the source, we always bear in mind that everyone has an agenda.

-     Internet: As mentioned above, choose your websites carefully. Every perspective is represented on the Net. Be careful not to get sucked into negativity and fear, and be even more vigilant about spreading fear. Ask your higher self to validate a story’s merits before sharing.

-     Wi-Fi/Cell/EMFs: In our society, people are bombarded daily by disruptive radiation from wireless internet signals, satellite and cellular phone feeds, and microwave towers. Try shutting off your electronics at night (i.e. wireless router and cell phone) to see if you sleep better.

Less time spent outwardly distracted means more time for spiritual introspection, so turn off the tele, unplug the Wi-Fi and spend some quiet time in peaceful meditation. 

Prosperity Consciousness

On a positive note, the awakening of the third and final group means that the first wave can begin anchoring their energies in the fifth dimension, and that is what I have been feeling this month. Two weeks ago, I experienced a subtle yet discernible internal shift. I had moved away from lack consciousness and into abundance consciousness.

Since starting my spiritual awakening journey, I have struggled with the concepts of money and materialism. I tried to live on Love and Light alone, but I never did learn how to manifest consistently. Now my relationship with the material world has shifted. I can’t say how or why, only that my consciousness has locked onto prosperity. I cannot accept any other reality but prosperity. This makes sense when you realize that abundance is the natural state of Spirit. It actually takes work and effort to create the illusion of lack. The illusion in the 3-D realm is well-established hence its power over our consciousness; but, once you shift to a higher frequency, the illusion disappears.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, take heart…it will. Once your consciousness is rooted in the 5th dimension you will effortlessly attract abundance.

Go Big!

As the angels’ message says, it’s time to really put yourself ‘out there’ spiritually. It’s vitally important that you be your authentic self. Don’t hold back; now is your time to shine! As the Hopi Elders say, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

Third Trimester Ascension Symptoms

Mother EarthBy Kim Hutchinson

It helps, when discussing ascension, to liken the process to pregnancy.

December 21, 2012 was the inception. That’s when the multiverse aligned, and the seed of light came out of the Central Sun, travelling down the central corridor (wormhole), impregnating fertile planets like Gaia with upgraded genetic codes.

Each trimester (March, June and September) saw a marked up uptick in ascended energies. The most recent energetic upgrade occurred on September 21, 2013.

The energies leading up to, and during, the autumnal equinox were heady. Here is what I experienced:

Sept. 14th – 17th

  • Lightheaded; loss of balance
  • Happiness and joy
  • Increased creativity
  • A feeling that something big was about to happen

Sept. 17th – 20th

  • Anxiety
  • Heart palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and pains; flare-up of old injuries
  • Pain in head (it felt like someone was drilling through the top of my head, just to the right of the crown)

Sept. 21st – 22nd

  • Seeing light phenomena (i.e. orbs, pillars of light)
  • Interrupted sleep with intense, strange dreams
  • Exhaustion and sleepiness
  • Depression and sadness
  • Pain in head
  • Tingling roof of the mouth (to the right, in alignment with the head pain)
  • Sinus pressure (like being underwater)

Sept. 23rd

  • Peacefulness
  • Decrease/disappearance of pain
  • Normal energy level

My multidimensional Being (higher selves) tells me that this upgrade was biological in nature. The pain that I experienced was due to old cellular memories being purged from my body, and to upgrades in my DNA. I heard “10 to 12″ which I take to mean that my dormant DNA strands were being fully activated. Adults like me are receiving an upgrade or retrofit, hence the discomfort, whereas the ‘new children’ already have upgraded DNA (i.e. three DNA helixes). This genetic ‘mutation’ is what gives us superhuman powers (i.e. telepathy and telekinesis).

Changes such as these convince me that we are witnessing, and experiencing, the birth of a new humanity!

Sept. 30/13 – Update

Here it is a week later and I’m still feeling the effects. I’ve been exhausted and have had to raise my vibration to fend off a cold. My lip is broken out in cold sores, and I feel achy and cold. It’s been years since I had a cold and I certainly don’t plan to experience one now. It’s all good, though. I realize that the virus is helping me to purge old energies. A lot people have been sick this past week with a cold or infection. These cause the body to heat up (fever) as a means of self-healing. We are burning up the lower vibrational viruses. Our guides and angels are helping us on a global scale to do the same. In fact, during a healing today, I witnessed lifetimes of fear and darkness leaving people, animals, and Mother Earth. Everything that isn’t Love has got to go. It’s no longer a vibrational match for our ascending energies.

Accessible Ascension for All

Ascensionby Kim Hutchinson

Much has been written and discussed regarding the process of spiritual ascension. Arguably, it has become one of the most misunderstood and potentially polarizing topics of the New Age. I hope I can help alleviate any fears you might have by clearing up some prevalent misconceptions.

Misconception #1: Ascension is only for a chosen few (i.e. 144,000 souls)

Ascension is available to everyone who wants to experience it. This is not an elitist event. I dare say most are ready to expand their consciousness and move their awareness to a higher plane. Anyone who isn’t ready to leave this polarity experiment behind can continue to experience life in the third dimension. It really boils down to personal choice. There are no ‘chosen ones’. You make the choice for yourself.

Misconception #2: You need to be trained how to activate your MerKaBa

I activated my MerKaBa without being taught how. Later I attended a workshop which focused on activating the MerKaBa, but I found the process complicated and difficult. To be fair, the workshop was geared to the logical/left brain male way rather than the more intuitive female model. Still, I did not require formal training, and I know others who have been able to naturally and easily activate their MerKaBa without guidance. In fact, several of my recent MultiDimensional Healing sessions have revealed people in the process of ascension, with an active MerKaBa. These same individuals knew nothing of the MerKaBa, at least not on the human plane. That says to me that the activation of the MerKaBa is a natural process, one which the soul clearly remembers. Setting your intention and tapping into your higher wisdom can help activate your ascension vehicle.

Misconception #3: Ascended Masters are above us, and should be revered

In my healing sessions, I work with the group known as the Ascended Masters and I can tell you they greatly dislike the name. They balk at being referred to as ‘masters’. They insist that they are no one’s master and that they are no different from you and me. I realize that the term refers to their mastery of the ascension process, and yet they insist on me calling them ascended siblings or friends, rather than masters. They do not like the connotations of the word master, and they are sensitive to people perceiving them as being above them in any way. When I forget, they remind me that I have already mastered the ascension process. You have too. We all have. This isn’t something new. We ascended and descend in regular cycles. That means we’re ALL ascended masters, ergo we have no masters.