Working together

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

By Kim Hutchinson

A few years ago, someone said to me in response to an article I had written, “I don’t agree with your beliefs, but I respect the courage it takes to put yourself out there”. Instead of attacking my beliefs, this person acknowledged my ability to transcend the fear that keeps most of people locked in the ‘spiritual closet’.

Angel Courage

Angels Back when I started on my spiritual journey, I didn’t really feel courageous. I was being guided by angels and they were giving me the strength I needed to step outside my comfort zone. Life was much easier when I was was working in tandem with my angel friends. Then, several years ago, they began encouraging me to do more spiritual work on my own. Gradually, I came to rely upon my higher selves for guidance, which was the angels’ goal.

Walking the Tightrope without a Safety Net

Today was the first time I reached a great height on my own. My higher self encouraged me to submit an article for publication on the website. It was accepted and today it appeared online! At first, I was excited to see my writing published on one of favourite websites. Then fear set in. My joy evaporated when I looked down (i.e. started reading people’s reaction to the article) and saw no safety net (angels). Even though I’ve been writing spiritual articles and facilitating angel healings for years, I wasn’t prepared for the glare of a spotlight, no matter how fleeting. I felt naked, exposed and momentarily frightened. Some of the comments were positive and some negative, which is par for the course in polarity consciousness. I didn’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I wasn’t prepared for the feeling stark vulnerability.

After dipping my toe in the pool of public recognition, I now have a deeper appreciation for all the bright lights who dauntlessly share their spiritual gifts with the world despite the persistent resistance they must surely encounter. It’s far too easy to criticize a stranger’s beliefs while cloaked in the anonymity of the internet. Just look at the comment section of any webpage. Some people don’t just disagree; they attack and bully those who hold divergent points of view. And yet, despite the risks that come with being in the proverbial spotlight, many brave souls continue to put their heart and soul out there to help, guide, inspire and heal others.

Pieces of the Puzzle

Working togetherIf we are to come together and solve our problems, we need to support each other. That means holding a safe space for each other so that we may all excel. For those with a spiritual calling, we need to make it safe for them to come out of the so-called spiritual closet and let their heart-light shine. Even if you do not agree with a person’s beliefs, applaud that brave soul’s ability to shine a light in the darkness. We need more love (support) and less fear (criticism). We do not all need to agree; but we do need to respect each other. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle and it is only by working together that we will heal our world.

To all the brave souls who have blazed a trail of light for humanity, bless you and may the angels keep you safe and strong.


Enlightenment: Dare to Be YOU!

By Kim Hutchinson


I thought this was supposed to be fun

EnlightenmentThe journey back into enlightenment (Oneness) is definitely not for the faint of heart. Regaining your spiritual power and awareness seems like it should be an exhilarating and fun experience, yet many spiritual seekers are, at times, overwhelmed by difficulties they face. After the initial thrill of reconnecting with your higher self and guides wears off, the process begins to feel like a job.

I’m out of the box…now what?

The path back to enlightenment causes us to think and live outside the proverbial box that once defined our reality. Spiritual awakening and the subsequent expansion of consciousness forces effectively dissolves the walls (old beliefs) that obstruct the light (the truth). Through this process, the spiritual seeker begins to question everything s/he has been taught. This questioning phase is healthy and beneficial, even if it feels unsettling.

I gave up my cozy reality for this?

Light SeekersHumans are social beings. We want to feel valued, appreciated, loved and understood. That makes the questioning phase of enlightenment particularly challenging. As we challenge the status quo, we risk losing our place in society (i.e. not being able to function in one’s present career). Our relationships often suffer too, due to our intrinsic changes which alter the way we relate to others. Many feel rudderless, like a ship adrift without direction.

Isn’t it ironic how Oneness-seekers can’t agree?

At this point, you may be feeling vulnerable. Perhaps you are seeking guidance from human or spiritual sources. You may find solace in readings, healings and prayer. Maybe you’re a critical thinker who is determined to understand this process for yourself. You scour the internet for information only to find that the glut of spiritual information is highly contradictory. No matter where you turn for help, it’s hard to know what to believe. Angst settles in.


Hotel Reality is all all-inclusive resort

Archangel Michael once told me, “Either everything is real or nothing is.” That quote has come back to me repeated over the years and has helped me to deal with contradictory information from different spiritual sources. Basically, it means that everyone is right, or everyone is wrong. You do not get to cherry-pick reality; it is all-inclusive. Stop being attached to your beliefs. Don’t compare them with someone else’s truth. Your path is perfect for you. Dare to be unique! Even if you are the only person in the world to believe in something, then your belief makes it true.

Reality as we know it is an illusion

Only Love is real, and everything is made of Love. Love is the energy of creation. You and I made of Love, and everything we create is made of Love too. If something doesn’t feel loving, that’s the illusion. Truth, outside of Love, is illusory and relative to the believer. Therefore everything we accept as true is relative, subjective and fleeting. As consciousness continues to expand, our perception of reality will shift until we are experiencing a whole new world of ‘truths’. Stay as detached as you can from your beliefs, and those of others. Accept that you do not have the answers. Be fluid and flexible like water, and allow your awareness to shift and expand.

For more peaceful wisdom, I offer this wonderful video by Mooji:


Neurosurgeon’s NDE – Proof of Heaven

angelDr. Eben Alexander III is an American neurosurgeon, and the author of the best-selling Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. In this video, describes his 2008 near-death experience (NDE), and asserts that science can and will determine that heaven really does exist.

His experience helps to prove that consciousness is independent of the brain, that death is an illusion, and that an eternity of perfect splendor awaits us beyond the grave — complete with angels, clouds, departed relatives, and butterflies. According to him, the current understanding of the mind “now lies broken at our feet ”— for “What happened to me destroyed it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life investigating the true nature of consciousness and making the fact that we are more, much more, than our physical brains as clear as I can, both to my fellow scientists and to people at large.”

Watch the Video

Read the Book:

Chakras 4

In Defense of Chakras

By Steve Clayton

Chakras No More

It has been brought to my attention several times during the past few weeks that there is a new trend afoot; a trend to rid oneself of chakras.

Chakras, it is argued, are used against us in various ways: to drain our energies, to make us susceptible to negative energies, and to control us on an energetic level. You can read online about individuals who have rid themselves of their chakras. They say they have never felt better. They feel free, happy and joyful. If you are empathic, they recommended you divest yourself of your chakras immediately so as to be free of other people’s angst. (An appealing thought, I readily admit). All you have to do is ask your higher self to send energy down here to your third dimensional self.

Why Chakras?

Chakras 4
ChakrasSpirit-Fire / Foter / CC BY

The third dimension is the only place in creation where our energies are vulnerable. It is part of the polarity experiment.

As we travel upwards our chakras, as we understand them, morph into energetic bands that contain and define our individual energy signature. These higher dimensional energetic bands are split into the third dimensional aura and chakra systems thus allowing us to experience a new way of being; a way of being that is both positive and negative. Yes, this can be very hard on us as we try to acclimate to this new way of being but it is part of the contrast we are here to experience.

Beware the Quick Fix

There is absolutely no shame in not liking life within the chakra system of the third dimensional matrix. Life here is contrary to who we really are; however, if you feel that ridding yourself of your chakras is your only option to remain here, then please exercise extreme caution. Research your options and do this properly.

For example, we know intrinsically we can survive on prana rather than eating food. Breatharians have proved this. But, that does not mean you should stop eating food tonight for good; you have to ease your way into this. The same applies to ridding yourself of your chakras. It is not your higher self’s job to do this for you. Certainly, you have free will to make the choice, but you also have the responsibility for the choice.

Bringing in higher vibrational energy is achievable, but takes practice. Bring in too much and you can short-circuit your human body. There are those who claim this can also lead to spontaneous combustion. Bring in too little or inconsistent amounts and you will ‘starve’ or otherwise damage your physical body.

Time, in this case, is of the essence. Take as much time as you need to reach this goal. I cannot stress this enough. Research and training are essential steps in this process. This process does not sit well with me, and I’m not advocating this path, but if you do choose to follow it, be safe, be careful, and be well-informed first.

I like me

Self-Care Through the Shift

By Kim Hutchinson

What on Earth is happening?

Many people have been feeling out of sorts since the start of the year. We have been going through MAJOR energetic upgrades. First we went through an intense purge which helped to clear away mental and emotional debris. It also brought many health conditions to a head. This corresponded with a wave of souls departing the planet. Next, we were infused with intense frequencies. These helped to raise our collective vibration, and to raise the level of consciousness on planet Earth. People who were once firmly plugged into the old matrix are awakening rapidly now. They’re hitting the ground running, so to speak. While this shift is definitely positive, it can feel uncomfortable. For me, it feels like anxiety, and when the energy peaks, I swear I’m having a panic attack. It makes us more sensitive, and can disrupt sleep. It also increases our need for sleep. Our bodies are going through a huge changes which require vast amounts of energy. No one so many people feel sleep-deprived!

How to Love the Shift

The following are some suggestions to help you get through this intense period with grace.

Listen to your heart

Everything boils down to love or fear. You need only decide if something fits into the love or fear category. Listen to your feelings and trust your intuition. Your head (left-brain) is the home of the fear (your ego), whereas your heart is the seat of your soul (love). Only love is real. Fear is the perceived absence of love. It is a false belief. You can’t lose love, find love or win love. Love is what you are. Don’t take part in anything that doesn’t resonate with your heart. It if comes from fear, let it go. Anything that inspires dread, or feels like a chore or obligation, is not in alignment with your highest good. Just say no to stuff that makes you unhappy.

March to your own beat

Don’t compare yourself to, or compete with, others. People act and react according to their perceived reality. That means your reality is unique. No one else experiences life in the same way as you. If people don’t understand or agree with you, that’s natural and normal. They see life through their own unique filter. What you feel is authentic. You need not prove how you feel. At the same time, extend the same courtesy to others. It’s easy to fall into the ego trap. Anyone can do it, even spiritual seekers. The truth is, we are all One. If someone is pursuing a different path than you (i.e. carnal pursuits), that path is not inherently wrong, nor is your path (i.e. spirituality) inherently better. The soul does not contrast or judge; only the ego is interested in defining what is better or worse.

Go with the flow

Unhappiness comes from resistance; therefore, flexibility is the key to happiness. Going with the flow instead of trying to swim against the current is much easier. If something is meant to be, it will manifest. Obviously, you have to take some action, but be mindful of how much energy you expend. If you run into a lot of obstacles, go in a different direction. If a plan comes together quickly and almost effortlessly, then it is meant to be!

Be mindful and speak positively

being me
kkimpel / Foter / CC BY

Your words are self-fulfilling prophecies. What are saying today? Is that the future you wish to manifest? Remember, you create your own reality. Whatever you are reacting to is something that you drew into your sphere of experience. Set your intention daily to be happy. Then be mindful of your thoughts, words and feelings. Notice small negative, fear-based beliefs before they blossom into self-fulfilling prophecies of doom and gloom. It’s easier to make small course corrections that to try to find your path after wandering aimlessly in the dark for years. Use positive affirmations such as “I love life and life loves me!”. Say them with passion and enthusiasm. Psych yourself up every morning, and keep up the positive self-talk throughout the day. Pep talks work!

Embrace the present

Young children and animals live in the present. When they get hurt, they feel the pain, then they shake it off and carry on. They are resilient and essentially happy because they do not dwell in the past. Many adults, however, are hostages to the past. They live in fear of repeating mistakes and of being hurt again. They worry too much; they complain, and they get stressed. This in turn attracts more negativity in their lives, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. It’s time to throw off those shackles! Forgive everyone who has ever hurt you, including yourself. Forgiveness is liberating. It heals you and frees you from past pain. Haven’t you suffered enough?

Embrace your ‘flaws’

If you are trying to live up to an ideal, you’ll never know peace. Being spiritual does not mean being happy all the time. It means being authentic and living your truth, one that harmonizes both aspects of your being. The truth is you are a hybrid: a soul and a human animal. You exist on a continuum that spans from light to dark. You move freely up and down that continuum every moment of every day. How you feel and act depends on many factors.  Think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If your basic needs aren’t met then you can’t ascend to the higher levels (i.e. caring for others). Consequently, you aren’t able to be your ‘best’, and you may even act in such a way that later makes you ashamed. If, however, you embraced your so-called weaknesses and made time and space for yourself, then you wouldn’t have to lash out at others.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Restore your health naturally

Your body is naturally self-healing. You must give yourself adequate rest and relaxation to let your amazing body to heal itself. That is the way nature intended. In the West, science and technology have edged out nature and disconnected us from our power; however, deep within you lies the memories of how to care for your own health. You are FAR more than your biology. You are not your disease. Don’t identify with it. Believe yourself healthy for belief becomes biology. Take back your power, and love yourself back into wholeness.


Forgiveness: Your Ultimate Superpower

By Kim Hutchinson

You have a superpower. No, it isn’t flight or invisibility (I’m guessing); it is your ability to forgive. Not glamorous enough for you? Trust me; there is no more powerful gift than forgiveness. It is your ticket to happiness, freedom, joy, robust health, wealth and wisdom. How can something so seemingly innocuous be so powerful? It’s simple, really. True forgiveness restores your innocence and faith, and allows you to fully enjoy life like a child…with the pleasure, laughter and play.

Karma Dissolved

the shift
AlicePopkorn / / CC BY-NC-ND

What a person does or says is his karma; how you respond is your karma. If you are unable or unwilling to forgive, then you co-create karma that will need to be resolved at some point in your soul’s journey. Forgiveness cuts your negative ties to people, places and events. It is the key to stepping off the Wheel of Karma.

There are other methods of dissolving your karmic debts such as reincarnation and suffering, but forgiveness is the most expedient and the least painful. If you can truly forgive someone for hurting you, then you bypass the need to see life from your abuser’s point of view. In other words, you will not have to play the role of an abuser in this life or in a future incarnation.

Stop Abusing Yourself

As someone who has been injured, you may feel it is unjust and unfair to be asked to absolve your abuser. You may also feel angry about the need to reincarnate as an abuser yourself in order to understand the person who hurt you. It’s easy to fall into the trap of victim consciousness. I’ve been there many times in my past so I truly understand how hard it is to transcend it. What I came to understand was that I had to release my pain in order to feel good again. If I hung onto, and replayed, my painful memories, I was abusing myself. The actual abuse took very little time whereas my memories had the potential to last a lifetime. Forgiveness was the only way to stop reopening my wounds.

What’s Eating You?

The key is to staying happy is to not take anything personally. Failing that, the next best solution is to completely forgive a person’s transgressions. That doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to be victimized. By all means, assert your personal power in a healthy, loving manner; just don’t carry a grudge. Resentment is like an acid that corrodes the vessel that houses it.

If you do get sucked into someone else’s pain, don’t despair! You can always call upon your superpower. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you condone hurtful behaviour; it simply and neatly cauterizes the wound. Do yourself a huge favour: forgive, forget and move on.

The Illusion of Separation

At the heart of forgiveness lies a knowingness that we are all One, and that the One is Love. Your soul remembers this divine truth; only your human half is in the dark. You have temporary amnesia, and that causes you to act in ways that are not in alignment with your higher self. The same applies to others. Most people are simply reacting to life’s circumstances, and their reactions are, at times, hurtful. In the words of Archangel Michael, “If people could do better, they would”.

Forgive Like a Pro!

If you think forgiveness is beyond your ability, here are a couple strategies to help you:

Forgive yourself – Most people forget this part, but it is essential to the process. Victims often subconsciously blame themselves. Maybe you feel you let yourself down by ‘allowing’ the abuse to happen. Self-forgiveness heals this self-recrimination.

Connect on the Soul Plane – If you can’t face your abuser, either because they have crossed over; they live too far away, or you simply do not want to talk to them, reach out to his/her higher self instead and extend forgiveness. It’s much easier to feel love for a person’s soul.

Practice Ho’oponopono – Think of your abuser, and then repeat the following until you feel a shift in your heart. Repeat this process every day for at least a month.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Work with these crystals:

Sugilite – Eliminates hostility
Apache Tears – Heals grief
Lepidolite – Takes away pain
Rhodochrosite – Evokes compassion
Rose Quartz– Heals the heart chakra (relationships)
Malachite – Helps you move on

Work with these Angels:

Archangel Zadkiel – Angel of forgiveness; releases judgment, blame and self-pity
Archangel Raguel – Resolves conflicts and restores harmony to relationships
Archangel Chamuel – Brings divine love and compassion
Archangel Michael – Removes negativity and fear
Archangel Raphael – Heals and rejuvenates
Archangel Jophiel – Beautifies your thoughts
Archangel Jeremiel – Brings mercy and self-love, and helps you learn the lessons inherent in the situation