Working together

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

By Kim Hutchinson

A few years ago, someone said to me in response to an article I had written, “I don’t agree with your beliefs, but I respect the courage it takes to put yourself out there”. Instead of attacking my beliefs, this person acknowledged my ability to transcend the fear that keeps most of people locked in the ‘spiritual closet’.

Angel Courage

Angels Back when I started on my spiritual journey, I didn’t really feel courageous. I was being guided by angels and they were giving me the strength I needed to step outside my comfort zone. Life was much easier when I was was working in tandem with my angel friends. Then, several years ago, they began encouraging me to do more spiritual work on my own. Gradually, I came to rely upon my higher selves for guidance, which was the angels’ goal.

Walking the Tightrope without a Safety Net

Today was the first time I reached a great height on my own. My higher self encouraged me to submit an article for publication on the website. It was accepted and today it appeared online! At first, I was excited to see my writing published on one of favourite websites. Then fear set in. My joy evaporated when I looked down (i.e. started reading people’s reaction to the article) and saw no safety net (angels). Even though I’ve been writing spiritual articles and facilitating angel healings for years, I wasn’t prepared for the glare of a spotlight, no matter how fleeting. I felt naked, exposed and momentarily frightened. Some of the comments were positive and some negative, which is par for the course in polarity consciousness. I didn’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I wasn’t prepared for the feeling stark vulnerability.

After dipping my toe in the pool of public recognition, I now have a deeper appreciation for all the bright lights who dauntlessly share their spiritual gifts with the world despite the persistent resistance they must surely encounter. It’s far too easy to criticize a stranger’s beliefs while cloaked in the anonymity of the internet. Just look at the comment section of any webpage. Some people don’t just disagree; they attack and bully those who hold divergent points of view. And yet, despite the risks that come with being in the proverbial spotlight, many brave souls continue to put their heart and soul out there to help, guide, inspire and heal others.

Pieces of the Puzzle

Working togetherIf we are to come together and solve our problems, we need to support each other. That means holding a safe space for each other so that we may all excel. For those with a spiritual calling, we need to make it safe for them to come out of the so-called spiritual closet and let their heart-light shine. Even if you do not agree with a person’s beliefs, applaud that brave soul’s ability to shine a light in the darkness. We need more love (support) and less fear (criticism). We do not all need to agree; but we do need to respect each other. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle and it is only by working together that we will heal our world.

To all the brave souls who have blazed a trail of light for humanity, bless you and may the angels keep you safe and strong.


Enlightenment: Dare to Be YOU!

By Kim Hutchinson


I thought this was supposed to be fun

EnlightenmentThe journey back into enlightenment (Oneness) is definitely not for the faint of heart. Regaining your spiritual power and awareness seems like it should be an exhilarating and fun experience, yet many spiritual seekers are, at times, overwhelmed by difficulties they face. After the initial thrill of reconnecting with your higher self and guides wears off, the process begins to feel like a job.

I’m out of the box…now what?

The path back to enlightenment causes us to think and live outside the proverbial box that once defined our reality. Spiritual awakening and the subsequent expansion of consciousness forces effectively dissolves the walls (old beliefs) that obstruct the light (the truth). Through this process, the spiritual seeker begins to question everything s/he has been taught. This questioning phase is healthy and beneficial, even if it feels unsettling.

I gave up my cozy reality for this?

Light SeekersHumans are social beings. We want to feel valued, appreciated, loved and understood. That makes the questioning phase of enlightenment particularly challenging. As we challenge the status quo, we risk losing our place in society (i.e. not being able to function in one’s present career). Our relationships often suffer too, due to our intrinsic changes which alter the way we relate to others. Many feel rudderless, like a ship adrift without direction.

Isn’t it ironic how Oneness-seekers can’t agree?

At this point, you may be feeling vulnerable. Perhaps you are seeking guidance from human or spiritual sources. You may find solace in readings, healings and prayer. Maybe you’re a critical thinker who is determined to understand this process for yourself. You scour the internet for information only to find that the glut of spiritual information is highly contradictory. No matter where you turn for help, it’s hard to know what to believe. Angst settles in.


Hotel Reality is all all-inclusive resort

Archangel Michael once told me, “Either everything is real or nothing is.” That quote has come back to me repeated over the years and has helped me to deal with contradictory information from different spiritual sources. Basically, it means that everyone is right, or everyone is wrong. You do not get to cherry-pick reality; it is all-inclusive. Stop being attached to your beliefs. Don’t compare them with someone else’s truth. Your path is perfect for you. Dare to be unique! Even if you are the only person in the world to believe in something, then your belief makes it true.

Reality as we know it is an illusion

Only Love is real, and everything is made of Love. Love is the energy of creation. You and I made of Love, and everything we create is made of Love too. If something doesn’t feel loving, that’s the illusion. Truth, outside of Love, is illusory and relative to the believer. Therefore everything we accept as true is relative, subjective and fleeting. As consciousness continues to expand, our perception of reality will shift until we are experiencing a whole new world of ‘truths’. Stay as detached as you can from your beliefs, and those of others. Accept that you do not have the answers. Be fluid and flexible like water, and allow your awareness to shift and expand.

For more peaceful wisdom, I offer this wonderful video by Mooji:


Self-Healing / Self-Expansion

By Steve Clayton

healing-powersThe most important element in being able to heal yourself (or others) is your connection with the Energy from which everything composed. For me that Energy is Love, Love that is conscious and manifesting the world around us through vibrations of Light and Sound; how you view the Energy is up to you. There is no right or wrong there is only your experience. To digress, your purpose for being here is simple (it is our egos that like to complicate things), your purpose is to experience this creation from your unique point of view. By doing so you add, through your interpretations, to all that is known thereby expanding the sum of all knowledge that is available to All, to the One.

Connecting With the Energy

First become as still, as quiet, as possible. (With practice you will be able to bring in the Energy under any circumstances but I do not want to get too far ahead of myself). With your bare or stocking feet flat on the floor ask the Energy to come to you through Mother Earth and into your feet. At first you may feel varying degrees of heat or coolness or a tingling sensation or you may feel nothing at all as the Energy flows into you; there are no rules for this other than to be open and trusting. After a minute or two of asking the Energy to come to you visualize and feel the Energy moving up your legs into your body, arms and head. Acclimatize yourself to the Energy as it courses through you, feel its familiarity relaxing your entire being, release yourself to the Energy. Practice moving the Energy inside your physical body, direct it to specific areas. If you do not feel anything keep practicing it will happen for you.

Healing with the Energy

‘Energy Follows Thought’ is the mantra for all energy healing modalities. Once you are familiar with your connection to the Energy start to practice healing yourself. For example, you have a sore left knee, send the Energy in the form golden coloured Light (or whatever colour works for you; comes naturally to you) to your left knee seeing your knee wrapped in a bandage of pure light. Feel the heat of the light soaking into you knee, visualize and feel whatever is negative leaving your knee.(See it dissolving, melting or leaving not only your knee but your entire energy field). Feel your knee healing. Repeat as often as you wish. Do not try to force the healing but release into it. You will surprise yourself.


Once you are familiar with the Energy hold your hands on or near people, pets or plants. Release any expectations and pay attention to what you feel both physically through your hands and through your own Energy Field. With practice you will find the Energy that makes up your spouse, friend, dog or cat, tree or plant feels the same in all of us; it is merely manifesting differently in different forms. For me it was as if I had walked through a gateway into a much more expansive realm of being; I realized everything was much more interconnected than I had ever believed possible. The possibilities of creation were and are limitless; life regained its magical properties as I felt truly alive as an adult.

The Next Step

We live here in the Third Dimension but there is much more to us and to creation than we currently remember. We are living at a time when we can take a step out of this creation, this dimension, and into another realm of Being. Some call this the Ascension but truly the name is not important. What matters is that if you are ready and wish to alter your state of being you can do so. If you do not wish to do so, if there is still more of the third dimension you want to experience that is fine. There is not right or wrong in any of this, there is only you experiencing your journey along your path. When you are ready you will remember who you truly are and you will alter your path. Remember, until then, that through you being you, you are adding to the knowledge of all that is as Creation grows through your unique experiences.

Your Choice

You may rekindle your relationship with the universal Energy, Love, to help heal yourself and others thereby helping to ease the stress of Third Dimensional life or you may use this new relationship to propel yourself into a new way of Being, the choice is yours. There is no right or wrong there is only what feels right in your heart to you. Whatever choice you make remember you are unique, you are special, you are Love.


The Little Fair with the Big Heart

By Steve Clayton

Another highly successful Holistic Fair is in the books.


Gratitude, Love and Joy

Just before we went to bed – very early I might add – I read, but did not reply to, a message asking me what Kim and I had done differently with this Fair as it felt more like the Fairs of old; the energy was strong, fresh and loving. I thought about this as I was drifting off because I did not think I had done anything differently myself for this Fair; this is what came to me.

I believe the Fair’s success resulted from all of our combined efforts.

From my beautiful wife Kim, who works long hours behind the scenes organizing a man who is anything but organized.

From Wes Cochrane, who not only gave up his own weekend to help run the Fair but who arrived Sunday morning to clean the complete front entrance using his own salt.

From all our volunteers who donate their time to work the door with a warm welcome for the public who stroll in.

From the lovely Tina Antle and her daughter Maya who early Saturday morning seeing I was running out of time took it upon themselves to wipe down the plaster-dust coated chairs in the newly renovated classroom so people would have a clean place to sit.

From Jean and Dany Richard who unasked stayed to help me clean up.

These are only a few examples of the spirit of the Fair but there are so many more.

All of you who were exhibitors, whether you were there for one day or both days or, as in the case of Shivaraj who gave presentations only, you each brought your passion and energy, your unique expression of the Divine, to share with others.

I truly believe that what makes the Little Fair with the Big Heart unique, and in the case of this particular Fair, so special is that we have collectively created a safe, supportive and loving atmosphere in which we can express our passion for what we do, for what we believe in.

We often hear it said that as human beings ‘we want to be loved for who we are’, what we do not hear often but which I feel is as equally important is that ‘we want to be able to love from who we are’. At the Fair we have created an event, a space, where we can do just that and it shows; the Heart will not be denied.

To each and every one of you who took part, who lovingly brought your uniqueness to the Fair, who opened your hearts to others I thank you, I respect you, I love you.


Neurosurgeon’s NDE – Proof of Heaven

angelDr. Eben Alexander III is an American neurosurgeon, and the author of the best-selling Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. In this video, describes his 2008 near-death experience (NDE), and asserts that science can and will determine that heaven really does exist.

His experience helps to prove that consciousness is independent of the brain, that death is an illusion, and that an eternity of perfect splendor awaits us beyond the grave — complete with angels, clouds, departed relatives, and butterflies. According to him, the current understanding of the mind “now lies broken at our feet ”— for “What happened to me destroyed it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life investigating the true nature of consciousness and making the fact that we are more, much more, than our physical brains as clear as I can, both to my fellow scientists and to people at large.”

Watch the Video

Read the Book:

grad cap

Prepping for Graduation to 5D

By Kim Hutchinson

Earth is a classroom for the soul. For most of us, this is our last 3-D incarnation. We are getting ready to graduate (shift / ascend) to the next dimension. In preparation, we are busy cleaning up loose ends from this lifetime and from prior incarnations.

Pre-Grad Stress

grad cap

Congratulations, grad!

Preparing for spiritual graduation is akin to prepping for high school graduation. Students scramble to finish assignments and pass exams so that they can graduate with their class. Some work with tutors to bring up their grades and to pass challenging courses. Others take full advantage of extracurricular activities. Most students feel ready to graduate, although many are apprehensive about the unknown future. Those who do know where they’re going are anxious to get on with their new life, and so interest in their present life wanes. The majority are worried about leaving their friends, family and home. Many friendships and romantic pairings begin to fizzle out. It’s a time of poignant endings and exciting beginnings.

Mastery Learning

Earth is like a giant one-room classroom in which students of all levels are learning side-by-side. Within the classroom there are learning stations where students learn at their own pace through group-based activities. Students do not compete against each other. They are focused instead on achieving their personal best. Frequent feedback is provided both internally (i.e. feelings, thoughts) and externally (i.e. events, actions) which helps them to correct mistakes. At the end of each trip to Earth school students self-assess their progress through a life review which provides them with guidelines for future instruction, called karma. Souls start as a group and then move through the learning stations at their own pace. Some may skip a grade while others repeat, and others still may drop out of school. There is no right or wrong path back to the divine.

Cycles of Time

Equinox path

There are cosmic cycles of 13,000 years – half the Precession of the Equinoxes – which you might say roughly equate to the 13 years of grade school on Earth. At the start of each cycle, a new group of souls comes to Earth to begin their education. At the end of the cycle, those souls move on to another learning laboratory. We are at the end of our learning cycle which means we are preparing to graduate from 3-D Earth into a new 5-D classroom. Before we move on, we have to finish as many lessons (karma) here as possible.

Karma Purging

The main task at hand for the majority of people is to resolve karma. Essentially, karma is unfinished lessons or learning opportunities. You accumulate karma when you act in a way that is not in alignment with your highest self. Each lifetime here, we chip away at old karma and we accrue new. Considering humans have spiritual amnesia, you can imagine how much karma we have accumulated.

Intense, Steep Learning Curve

In light of our pending graduation, the time for accruing new karma has passed. Now when we make a misstep, our karma confronts us almost instantly. Similarly, once we think we’ve learned a lesson, our mastery is tested right away. We have no time to accrue new karma so we have to attend to it as we create it. Additionally, we are going through an accelerated karmic purge. Past life karma keeps coming up for us to heal and release. We no sooner get through one lesson (i.e. phobia, trigger, blockage), then another pops up. There is very little time between tasks to rest. This can feel overwhelming at times. You may think you’re going crazy or feel that your life is a mess. It isn’t. You’re just tying up loose ends from many lifetimes.

3-D Life Review

At the end of every Earthly incarnation, a soul is gently and lovingly guided through the process of a soul review. This helps us to appreciate the lessons we have learned, and to identify areas which require further study. For the impending graduate, however, the process is different. We are preparing to step off the Wheel of Karma (the birth-death-rebirth cycle). That means we have to undergo the life review process right here. This includes facing up to your mistakes and those of others, and then forgiving everyone involved. Needless to say, doing a life review and burning up karma while you’re still in 3-D form is insanely difficult. Thankfully we have lots of help.

Cooperative Learning

Earth is a cooperative learning classroom so, as students complete their own assignments, they then assist fellow classmates with their karma. Helpers include healers and spiritual guides along with the undercover do-gooders (i.e. earth angels). If you find yourself in this group, then chances are you are very busy helping to resolve karma for your family, friends, soul group, city, country, gender, ethnic group, and so forth. Even souls with no past Earthly lives (i.e. starseeds; crystal and rainbow children) are helping to resolve Earth’s collective karma. Starseeds frequently say they feel like they were abandoned in an insane asylum. You volunteered to help, but nothing could fully prepare you for the challenges (i.e. violence) of Earth.

Spiritual Teachers

In the learning laboratory called life, we are all teachers and students. We are here to learn from one another. No one has all the answers. As long as you are still here, there are lessons for you to learn. Whenever you master a lesson, you automatically become a teacher for others. Some souls have more past life 3-D experience, and so these old souls frequently incarnate into younger souled families in order to accelerate their learning. If you feel like an outsider in your family, chances are you are a teacher for your loved ones.

Classroom angel

Classroom angel

Spiritual Tutors and Coaches

In addition to Earthly helpers, there are many off-world beings who are helping us prepare for graduation. These include angels, ascended masters, soul groups and higher selves, along with beings from other planets and dimensions. You can call on them for help whenever you need. They will lovingly guide and inspire you, and help you in any way they can, short of doing your homework for you.

Graduation Day

Intrinsically we know graduation day is looming large. Most of us can feel the energy shifting higher and higher. We can see evidence of changes in our personal lives as well as on the global stage. You may not feel ready to graduate, but if you’re reading this article chances, you most likely are ready. Still, you probably won’t have much time to sit back and reflect upon this, for we are like high school students who work until the final day of classes. So do the best that you can, and have faith that all will work out beautifully.