Harmonic Resonance

The Crystal Palace

Two weeks ago, I received the Reconnection from Lise Lorrain, a Moncton-based holistic healer. Lise studied The Reconnection in Philadelphia with founder Dr. Eric Pearl and his team. According to his website (www.thereconnection.com), Dr. Pearl says that the purpose of The Reconnection “is to bring us into the fullness of our inherent connection with the universe”. The Reconnection that I received followed three preparatory Reconnective healings, and was performed in two sessions, spanning 24 hours. On day one, I received the opening, and on day two, the closing. During the opening, the sensations and visualizations were subtle, but day two brought me the most incredible experience which I would like to share with you now.

During the closing, I was laying on the healing table, aware of various sensations within my body. I cold feel myself drifting out of my body. I knew that I was still in the healing room, but I was also aware of my weightlessness. That is when three angels arrived. They greeted me enthusiastically and together we travelled upwards through a swirling colourful vortex to their realm. The angels telepathically communicated to me that we were traveling to level 21. Level 22 is pure, unexpressed energy; level 23 is pure thought; and level 24 is the Void (a.k.a. the God Mind). In the angels’ words, “God is the void between the matter, and the space between the notes”. Earth is currently at level 3. Below us is level 2 (pure energy) and level 1 (thought), then level 0 (God). It all comes full circle. The angels inhabit level 21. They also mentioned that level 15 is what we commonly call The Other Side (a.k.a. Heaven). All of this information was relayed to me in the blink of an eye. Before I knew it, we had arrived at level 21, the angelic realm.

We emerged from the vortex in front of a massive, but exquisitely beautiful, building called the Crystal Palace. It was a soaring edifice comprised of shimmering crystals. The facade looked translucent and milky white, with glistening shades of violet and the palest pastels. It appeared to be alive, flowing like water. Intuitively I knew that crystals like these are currently forming in the heart of Mother Earth, and will soon be available to aid with our healing and self-discovery. Beckoned by my angelic guides, I entered this crystalline palace. Inside, I witnessed a million lightbeings singing a glorious song, but this was unlike any song I’d ever heard on Earth. Instead of changing notes, each angel held just one note. There were a wide variety of notes being sung, and yet the sound was incredibly pleasing to my ear. My companions told me that these angels were “singing their faith”. I wondered how the choir knew which notes to sing, and telepathically my angel friends told me that when angels are born, they are given a special note. Many angels share the same note, and yet each tone is unique in flavour. This is known as their signature frequency. The angels went on to say that this sound produces an effect known as harmonic resonance, and that “harmonic resonance is the key”. Before I could ask what they meant, my angelic guides told me that they were referring not only to my healing, but also to everyone’s healing, including that of Mother Earth. Harmonic resonance assists with restoring balance to all creation. It also aids with individual and collective ascension. The angels in the Crystal Palace joyfully transmit this harmonic resonance throughout all the layers of creation, but focus most of their attention and energy on our realm as it is most discordant and thus is in need of the most retuning. All matter in our dimension is comprised of strings which vibrate and thusly produce a frequency. The harmonic resonance helps to elevate the frequency of the vibration so that everything and everyone is restored to a perfect state of equilibrium. I received this knowledge with gratitude and then my angels returned me to the healing room.

Needless to say, my journey to the angelic realm was profoundly rewarding and certainly helped to contribute to the feeling of bliss that I experienced during the Reconnection. I am deeply grateful to Lise for facilitating this incredible spiritual journey.

In love and light,


A Change of Heart


An amazing thing has happened this past month. The world I know has been filled with an ever increasing amount of love. My last article drew responses referring to it as a ‘love letter’, a ‘love article’, and a ‘love fest’. In the article I simply thanked everyone who helped make the Wellness Expo a success, as well as thanking all those who have helped me along my holistic healing path. In the weeks that followed Kim and I have had an influx of emails and Facebook messages thanking us for what we do and telling us we are loved. We have met many new amazing people whose hearts are also filled with love; love for life, for themselves, for us. It is all too easy in this day and age, when bad news is the focus of the media giants, to forget the simple fact that the vast majority of people in the world are good.

Why has my world suddenly so blossomed with love? I have thought about that over the last few days and reached a simple conclusion: I have had a change of heart. Now when people tell me that I have changed and that my thinking is “out there”, I place my right hand over my heart and reply, “No, I am no out there; I am in here, and it feels great!”. I am both a Chios Energy Healing and Reiki practitioner. Reiki is much better known, and I am often asked which is better. They are both good and both resonate differently with different people but, for me, Chios resonates with my heart and in my heart. When I am healing I call in energy from Mother Earth, the Divine, and from all around me. The energy proceeds flows into my heart chakra and then into to the patient. Any healer will tell you this does not have to be the case. Healers are merely conduits for the energy and it does not have to enter us to be effective as we can direct it outside of ourselves. For me, however, the energy does flow into my heart. I was reluctant at first to admit this for reasons I do not comprehend, but since admitting this to others and myself I have noticed a shift in my world. It is now filled with more love.

We have all heard the phrase ‘change your attitude change your life.’ I suggest you expand on this. Don’t just change your attitude; change your perspective. Funnel everything into your heart before you react to anything. Don’t just see with your eyes; see with your heart. Do not judge first then ask questions later; forgive first and listen with your ears and your heart to the responses you receive. The idea of leading with your heart may seem frightening at first but what you will receive in return will soon quell your fears. What I have discovered, as others have before me, is that the vast majority of people are doing the best they can. If they could do better they would. Extenuating circumstances may be preventing them from doing better. Appreciate that fact before you get angry with a loved one, a co-worker or a stranger. Let your first response to daily life come from your heart and be ready for the hearts of others to respond in kind. Then watch your life transform in ways you could not imagine with a simple change of heart.



The Ascension Process: Karmic Release


In keeping with the season, I’ve decided to talk about ‘spring cleaning for the soul’. Given that our soul is an eternal entity, you can well imagine how much unwanted baggage, or karma, can accumulate over the course of numerous incarnations. This karma can hinder your ascension process if you do not release it and incorporate the knowledge you have accrued from previous lifetimes.

So what is karma, exactly?

Karma refers to the education of the soul. Earth is essentially a learning laboratory. We come here to experience diversity, challenges, and obstacles, all of which are designed to help us expand All That Is. We originate from a state of perfection where nothing changes – after all, how does one improve on perfection? – and expand our consciousness into lower realms where perfection has not yet been achieved so that we can experience growth and change. During this process, we encounter many other souls who are similarly expanding reality through their experiences. The conflicts that we experience come from our interaction with others. During said conflicts, we make choices and we observe the consequences. Sometimes those lessons take longer to unfold and so that learning opportunity is logged away for future reference. There comes a point, whether here on Earth or on the Other Side, that we experience the full breadth of those logged lessons. If one is unable to see the results of his actions while still here in the physical dimension, he will simulate the experience on the Other Side during his life review. If that process reveals an important lesson missed, he may choose to come back to Earth in a subsequent incarnation in order to learn the lesson. Even with time off in between incarnation for healing and reflection, our Earthly baggage tends to get heavier with each incarnation. This is why we need to periodically practice karmic release.

How then do we release karma?

1) Set your intention

As with anything you desire in life, you must first intend it to happen. Intention is the act of wishing something into existence. So, you must first intend that karmic clearing or releasing take place.

2) Ask your angels for help

To do this, simply say, “Angels of karma, I would like to release everything that does not serve my highest purpose. Please help me to clear my karma, while retaining the lessons learned, in all timelines.” Be open to whatever ensues and follow your instincts. Your angels will guide you through this process.

3) Moderate the process (as needed) –

As issues crop up, whether they stem from this lifetime or previous ones, trust that you are safe and protected. If you feel panicky, request that your angels slow down the process of karmic release. You set the pace. It’s helpful to remember that you accumulated this karma over the course of many lifetimes, so you’re not going to be able to release it all at once.

4) Release the pain and fear

Many of your karmic lessons were gained through unpleasant situations so you may be faced with unpleasant emotions. These need to be released before you can extract the lessons contained within. Ask Archangel Michael to clear your energy field and to cut your cords in all directions of time, and then envision yourself handing the bundle of toxic emotions up to him for safekeeping.

5) Find the lesson -

The issues that bubble to the surface may feel familiar or alien, depending on how recently or distantly you encountered them. In any event, they all contain important lessons for your soul. Ask yourself, no matter how odd the issue may seem to you, “What is the lesson I need to learn in order to release this issue?”, then trust the information that comes to you whether by inspired ideas, feelings, sounds or sights.

6) Own the lesson -

Ask your angels to help you incorporate the lessons retrieved into your present life. As you release the fear and blockages surrounding this issue, you effectively heal that issue in all timelines. You also profit from the knowledge accrued in previous incarnations, and you my even bring latent talents or interests to the surface.

7) Repeat (as necessary) –

Obviously you’re not going to release in one session every karmic issue that you’ve accrued. This is a process that needs to be repeated regularly until you feel lighter and freer than air. This process will enable you to effectively leave behind the polarity of the third dimension and ascend to the higher, heart-based states of consciousness, so it’s well worth the effort.

In love and light,


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Thank You!

Thank you

It is a beautiful sunny day here in southern New Brunswick. In the spirit of the day I would like to start off by thanking everyone who visited Kim and me at the Wellness Expo over the weekend. The Expo was a huge success. The outpouring of love and support surpassed anything I had ever experienced at any public venue. My gratitude goes far beyond what can be expressed through the written word, but believe me when I say I am extremely grateful. To all those who could not attend the Expo due to prior commitments or to the constraints of geography, yet who sent messages of love and support, I heartily give thanks, gratitude and love in return. You may not have been here in person but your spirit was felt (and appreciated) nonetheless. I also want to take a moment here to thank the beautiful soul who is my wife, Kim, for her love and support on this stage of my journey, for without her support I am not sure if I would have made it. I also am extremely grateful to all those I have met in person, or whose words I have read or listened to, for all their support and encouragement.

The majority of people I had the privilege to speak with over the last couple of days expressed one common sentiment – they had not found their path in life yet. They knew they had a purpose but they had as yet been unable to determine what that purpose was, and were feeling stressed as a result. In fact, quite a few were becoming frenzied in their search for life’s meaning for reasons they could not quite comprehend. I have compassion for their plight for it has taken me forty-five years to find my path and another couple of years to accept it. (I had trouble overcoming stereotypes and my ego’s fear of ridicule and failure. It’s a wonder I am where I am at all!) So I say to all you seekers, take heart and do not become discouraged. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Things happen when they are meant to happen. That may sound trite or hackneyed but it is the truth. Now this does not mean one is to sit back and do nothing; one just has to pay attention to the signs. These clues and hints are presented to us every day if we are open to receiving them. The trick is to subdue your ego and open your heart so that you may become more aware of that which eludes our five senses. It is important not to let the preconceptions of your ego interfere with what is being presented. One’s path may be more grandiose or more humble than one would expect but if the path you discover makes your heart sing, or if it just feels right to you, then accept it with gratitude. This may sound overly simplistic and it is; it is only as complicated as we choose to make it.

The second most common topic I encountered dealt with staying on one’s path. The majority of people who are having a hard time staying the course are teachers, health care workers, and volunteers who are either burnt-out or are in the process of burning out from the inadequacies found in their sectors. Many are extremely overworked and yet feel guilty when they try to do more but find they do not have the energy to do so. You are Lightworkers, angels who have come here to help, but you are also half human. You have to learn to look after yourself as well as you look after others. You must also remember you are not alone. There are Lightworkers everywhere. You are part of a planetary-wide network. Join a lightworkers circle, meditation group, or just get together with like-minded individuals to chat. If you cannot find such groups in your area, put out the idea that you are willing to start a circle or group and then ask for your angels help.

I want to end this by once again thanking all the Lightworkers for coming here with the intention to help. Thank you for believing in love and for seeing the positive potential in others. Your fearless expression of love and your faithful work to aid and serve humanity, often without recognition, humbles me.

In eternal gratitude,